TNGOP Condemns TNDP’s ‘Stunning Level of Ignorance’ on Refugee Issue

Press release from the Republican Party of Tennessee, Nov. 19, 2015:

TNGOP: Tennessee Democrats Show A Stunning Level of Ignorance with Latest Press Release

NASHVILLE, Tenn.–Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Ryan Haynes released the following statement after learning of the Tennessee Democratic Party’s latest press release:

“Tennessee Democrats show a stunning level of ignorance about the role of the states and the complex world we live in with the statement released today. Leaders can legitimately take pause about our immigration procedures in light of the fact we are still answering basic questions from the worst terrorist attack in France since World War II.”

“Moreover, questioning the Obama Administration’s ability to handle the process of verifying the background of individuals trying to enter this country when it could not effectively roll out a healthcare website or when it labeled terrorists ‘contained’ just before they killed 129 innocents far from a battlefield is entirely appropriate. As the President stated, Democrats view the Paris attack as a ‘setback.’ We believe that is a gross understatement.

“11/13 was a horrific tragedy that requires sober judgment, an examination of our military policies, and a clear-eyed strategy for dealing with the refugee crisis while ensuring our homeland is safe.”