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TNDP Chairwoman: GOP ‘Wasting Time’ with Criticism of UT Diversity Office

Press release from the Democratic Party of Tennessee, Dec. 7, 2015:

Tennessee Democratic Party Chair to Tennessee Republican Lawmakers on Their Misplaced Priorities – Holiday Parties over Tennesseans Who Are Hurting?

Nashville, Tenn. (December 7, 2015) – Tennessee Democratic Party Chair Mary Mancini released the following statement addressing Republicans and their misplace priorities:

“People in Tennessee are hurting. They are without healthcare and quality jobs and hope for a better future and this is what the Tennessee Republicans want to discuss? The decision by a college administrator about the kind of parties they have?

Ask any Tennessean without healthcare and without a job and they’ll tell you that they’re more concerned with making ends meet during this holiday season than they are with whether or not someone has a tree or a menorah at their office party. Maybe Tennessee Republicans like Congressman Scott DesJarlais, State Senator Dolores Gresham, State Rep. Mike Bell and Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey have the luxury of wasting time on this but people who are trying to provide for their families during the holidays are more concerned with putting dinner on the table or being able to take a sick child to the doctor without bankrupting everything they have worked for.

Manufactured problems are a hallmark of Republican rule in Tennessee. It creates a smokescreen for their ineffectiveness and secrecy while they roadblock access to affordable health care, interfere with local control of public schools, and work to sell off pieces of the University of Tennessee to the highest bidder. Enough is enough.

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