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TNDP Chairwoman Questions Speaker Harwell’s Priorities on Rep. Durham Matter

Press release from the Democratic Party of Tennessee, January 5, 2016:

Nashville, Tenn. (January 5, 2016) — On Tuesday, Tennessee Democratic Party Chair Mary Mancini questioned Speaker Harwell’s priorities and asked once again that Republican leadership hold Rep. Jeremy Durham accountable for his behavior.

“Yesterday, Speaker Harwell (R-Nashville) backtracked on her statement that the Republican Caucus would vote on whether Rep. Jeremy Durham (R-Franklin) would keep his leadership position with the Republican House caucus. This disappointing development is not surprising given that Tennessee Republicans continuously elevate fundraising and party politics over what’s best for the people of Tennessee.

It’s been weeks and Rep. Durham’s constituents still don’t know for what inappropriate behavior he received a reprimand from the human resources department at the legislature. Whatever it is that he has done, the people of his district deserve to know and those who work at the state legislature must know. Why are they still hiding information from the public that can possibly jeopardize the safety of the legislature as a workplace?”

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