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Tort Reform Boosted Mississippi Job-Creation, Barbour Tells Governors Gathered in Nashville

The Mississippi governor said companies had told him that the climate for “lawsuit abuse” in different states was a factor in their decisions on relocation and plant closures. “It was killing us on getting companies to come to our state,” Barbour said at a National Governors Association regional summit in Nashville Monday.

Ramsey on Occupy Nashville: Move’em Out

Hours before the Haslam administration announced it would ask District Attorney Torry Johnson to dismiss charges against the Occupy Nashville protesters at War Memorial Plaza, Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey expressed a get-tough stand. “I think they ought to be removed,” Ramsey said. “I do. “I’ll bet you that if I took a Boy Scout troop […]

Huffman Fields Education Queries During ‘Webinar’

More than 200 people, largely educators, participated by Internet and more than 180 others by telephone. The state’s education commissioner talked about the state’s request for a waiver from No Child Left Behind, and reiterated his call for the state to address racial disparities in student education achievement.

Haslam Defends Teacher Evaluation System

The governor said Monday the new teacher evaluation system will require some getting used to but emphasized that the evaluations were “at the heart” of the state’s successful Race to the Top application. Haslam said he’s as yet unprepared to take a position on a bill to make way for vouchers in the state’s largest school systems.