County Corrections Agency

Hickman County officials should tighten control over the jail commissary, auditors said in a recent report on county finances, after finding the fund was in the red amid sloppy paperwork and management — in some cases, an inmate was issuing receipts for collections.

According to paperwork sheriff’s department officials provided, the inmates’ accounts had a negative balance of $7,500. For more than two dozen transactions totaling $4,100, there was no supporting documentation.

The findings were presented in a state comptroller’s office audit of county finances in fiscal year 2010.

The audit also said that no one at the county, its Health Foundation or school system has shown they can produce financial statements that comply with generally accepted accounting principles.

Auditors summarized some earlier work, which uncovered wrongdoing by Hickman officials.

The Hickman County Clerk’s office had a cash shortage of $4,600 as of mid-June, after state auditors discovered then-County Clerk Andrea Totty had manipulated the checking system to steal cash from the office.

Investigators also found that Totty had used her office to get free car tag renewals for herself and a friend, and that she’d taken an office computer home for her personal use.

Totty admitted to taking funds for her personal use and resigned in the wake of the investigation.

But she was not the only local official caught abusing her office.

The director of the Emergency Management Agency, Terry Cloud, and Emergency Medical Services, Michael Lynn, were found to have misappropriated drugs and supplies for their personal use.

Both pleaded guilty last year to official misconduct, but no restitution has been paid, and both employees are still on leave, the auditor’s report says.