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TN CFL Calls for Investigation into Alexander Over Museum Earmark

Press release from the Tennessee Campaign for Liberty; August 12, 2013:

Nashville, TN – The Tennessee Campaign for Liberty is calling for a full ethics investigation into Senator Lamar Alexander’s actions regarding his 2009 earmark to a museum featuring an exhibit about Lamar Alexander. It recently came to light that his re-election campaign proceeded to work closely with the Tennessee State Museum to design the exhibit after Senator Alexander earmarked $400,000 federal tax dollars to the Museum. The exhibit was planned to be displayed in various locations across the state while Senator Alexander runs for re-election.

“We demand a full explanation from Senator Alexander,” said Matt Collins, a coordinator with the TN Campaign for Liberty. “After speaking with grassroots activists, it is likely that formal ethics complaints against Senator Alexander and the museum will be forthcoming. ‘Museum-gate’ needs to be investigated.”

A local media outlet broke the story last week about the collusion between Senator Alexander’s campaign and the museum, and an online conservative blog discovered that Senator Alexander himself had earmarked federal funds to the museum. It is possible that both the museum and Senator Alexander are in violation of federal and state laws regarding ethics and campaign coordination.

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