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Stewart Wants to Tweak Congressional District Map

Press Release from state Sen. Eric Stewart, D- Belvidere; Jan. 12, 2012:

Plan Would Make More Counties Whole

NASHVILLE – State Senator Eric Stewart sponsored an amendment Thursday to restore counties within a Congressional redistricting proposal that will go before the Senate on Friday.

“We can make this plan both legal and fair to counties so that they might stay whole and within their current districts,” Stewart said. “I would hope such a plan would receive a fair look in what has been an otherwise hurried process.”

Under Stewart’s amendment to Senate Bill 1515, Coffee County would be included once again in the Fourth Congressional District, where it is currently. Under the proposal before the Senate, Coffee County would be in the Sixth District with counties like Sumner and Wilson.

The amendment would also make Maury County wholly within the Fourth District. The county is split between the Fourth and Seventh Districts under the majority party’s proposal.

Van Buren County, which has a small portion in the proposed Sixth District, would also be wholly in the Fourth District under Stewart’s amendment.

Finally, the amendment would make Bradley County wholly within the Third Congressional District, where it currently is included. In all, the Fourth District would move from having three split counties in the current proposal to only one under Stewart’s plan.

“This map is constitutional, keeps counties together, and preserves the rural nature of the Fourth Congressional District,” Stewart said. “If we really want what’s best for Tennessee voters, this amendment gives us the opportunity to provide it.”