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Supreme Justice Retention Campaign Releases Ad Touting 2nd Amendment, Death Penalty Support

Press release from Keep Tennessee Courts Fair; July 10, 2014: 

NASHVILLE – Upholding a fair and impartial court based on a solemn oath sworn by each Justice is at the centerpiece of a television ad that begins airing across the state today. The ad, “Oath,” features Justices Connie Clark, Sharon Lee and Chief Justice Gary Wade as each vowed to “Support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Tennessee” . . . “faithfully and impartially . . . so help me God.”

“Underpinning that theme are the facts that these Justices have protected individual rights, our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, and they have upheld nearly 90 percent of death sentences that have come before them,” said Brenda Gadd, Keep campaign manager for Keep Tennessee Courts Fair.

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Click here for the full script with citations. 

Keep Tennessee Courts Fair is the coordinated campaign for the Committee to Retain Connie Clark (Julian Bibb, Treasurer), the Committee to Retain Justice Lee (T. Lee Sherbakoff, Treasurer) and the Friends of Gary Wade (Sam Furrow, Treasurer). This press release is not an endorsement of any Justice by any other Justice and shall not be construed, cited or used by any person or organization as such an endorsement.