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Chairman Turner Releases Statement on Retirement of Rep. West, Jr.

Press Release from the House Democratic Caucus, Feb. 19, 2010:

NASHVILLE (FEB. 19) – “Today’s announcement allows us the opportunity to reflect on the career of service and accomplishments of my friend, Ben West. I know my friend is doing what he believes is the right thing to do for his family and his future. Ben West, Jr. has served this legislature with honor and respect these past 26 years, but also with a sense of brevity and humility.

Ben and I have talked often in the months since his surgery about the importance of family and making sure we make the most of the time we have on this planet. For over a quarter of a century Ben has given his life to the service of the people of the 60th District and state of Tennessee. He has been a part of a number of state reforms, helped balance budgets year after year, worked with Democrats and Republicans on countless bipartisan efforts, and served as a leader on the issues that matter most.

While I selfishly would like my friend to continue his work as a member of the Tennessee House of Representatives, I know in his heart he is making the right choice. I’m confident that the people of the 60th will elect a new representative who will have the same dedication and commitment to the Democratic values that Ben West, Jr. has shown for nearly three decades.

I, along with all the Caucus, wish our friend the best in his retirement and look forward to enjoying these last months with him as a member of the 106th General Assembly.”

Press Releases

Rep. Ben West Jr. Announces Retirement After 26 Years in Legislature

Press Release from House Democratic Caucus, Feb. 19, 2010:

NASHVILLE (Feb. 19) – “For over a quarter of a century, I have been extremely blessed to have served the great people of the 60th District (Donelson, Hermitage and Antioch in Davidson County TN) in the State’s House of Representatives. I am humbled to have had the tremendous privilege to work with thousands of community residents on numerous community projects. For this opportunity, I am very grateful.

Even though it is difficult to let go of something you love so very much, as I do serving the people, there comes a time when it is the right thing do for both me and my family. My wife, Phyllis and I are looking forward to spending more time with our children and their families; and pursuing other adventures and life goals.

At this time I am announcing my retirement, effective with the election in November 2010.”

Ben West, Jr. was first elected to the Tennessee General Assembly in 1984 and has since been re-elected 13 times to the House of Representatives. Currently, Rep. West serves as a member of the House Transportation Committee and State & Local Government Committee. In addition, he serves on the House Public Safety and Rural Roads Subcommittee, the State Government Subcommittee and the Local Government Subcommittee.

Rep. West is married to Phyllis Duff West. Ben has two daughters and two stepchildren and the couple have nine grandchildren.