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@SecTreHargett Beefs Up Elections Site, Twitter Presence

Call him the Secretary of Tweet.

Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett is hitting the ‘go’ button on a revamped website where voters can see live, up-to-the-minute election results from across the state.

The site, which can be found at, will show election results not only by each political contest but by county and precinct, too. Featured races will include the presidential and Congressional elections as well as state Senate and state House.

“One of the things you’ll see this evening for the first time … is the percentages of votes instead of just raw vote numbers,” Hargett told TNReport.

The site comes with some eye candy for political watchers — a map of Tennessee that will show each county flipping red or blue, depending on how the race for President goes.

In addition, Hargett’s team is using the social media site Twitter to tweet out results from races from across the Volunteer State.

“We have several different Twitter handles that people will be able to follow all night long,” Hargett said.

Tonight voters can follow @tnpotus for Tennessee presidential results, @tnsenategen for state Senate results, @tnhousegen for state House results and @tnussenate and @tnushouse for Tennessee’s Congressional races. And you can follow — and tweet at — Hargett at @SecTreHargett.

“It’s a lot of data that comes at people very quickly, but if you’re a political junkie in Tennessee it’s a dream come true to be able to get those kinds of results that quickly,” Hargett said.

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Press Releases

Odom Blames Democrat Losses On Frustration With Washington

Statement from House Democratic Leader Gary Odom, D-Nashville; Nov. 3, 2010: 

“House Democrats lost 14 seats in yesterday’s election. Most of those defeats came in state house districts within the fourth, sixth and eighth Congressional Districts where Republican Congressional candidates won by large margins. It is clear that Tennessee voters are angry. While I believe that anger is primarily directed at our Federal Government and our nation’s economic problems, it is clear that our Democratic candidates for state legislative seats could not overcome the Republican momentum. Democrats in the Tennessee House of Representatives are committed to working on the issues important to the citizens of our state: attracting new jobs, improving education opportunities for all Tennesseans, and maintaining fiscal discipline in state government.

I also want to offer my congratulations to Governor-Elect Haslam and each newly elected member of the Tennessee House of Representatives. It is my great honor to serve in the Tennessee General Assembly and it is my intention to work in a bi-partisan manner with Governor-Elect Haslam and all members of the next General Assembly in order to address the challenges facing our state.”