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Ball Touts Addition of ‘Faith Leaders’ to Campaign

Press release from the Gordon Ball Campaign for U.S. Senate; September 22, 2014:

Faith leaders from across the state are endorsing U.S. Senate Candidate Gordon Ball citing a change is needed in Washington. Ball announced today that several Leaders from the Faith Community have signed on to Co-Chair and will conduct meetings across the state by helping him spread the message that Tennesseans deserve better.

“Tennessee needs a voice in Washington and we don’t have one. Working men and women are working 40 hours a week in this state and so many are still living in poverty,” Rev. Frank Stevenson of St. Luke Primitive Baptist Church, Nashville said. “It’s a moral issue when working Tennesseans still don’t have access to affordable healthcare.”

“I am convinced that Gordon Ball is a man of integrity and that he has a strong commitment to the welfare of Tennesseans. Because of his previous involvement and commitment to serving the needs of the least, the last and the left out, I believe that Gordon will make Tennessee an excellent U.S. Senator,” Rev. Harold Middlebrook of Canaan Baptist Church of Christ in Knoxville.”In addition, I believe that his legal abilities and capacity to work with others will help move Washington from the gridlock to a position of positive action.”

“I am honored and humbled by these fine men working with our campaign in helping us fight for working Tennesseans who have not been heard in Washington for far too long,” Ball said. “The way we can work toward change is by voting. The middle class is disappearing under the current leadership. “I agree with these men of the clergy that no hard working Tennessean should live in poverty after working 40 hours a week and denied access to healthcare when their employers refuse to provide coverage. This is a moral issue.”

Rev. Eddie Mabry – Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Bristol
Rev. A.J. Holman – Bethel A.M.E. Church, Chattanooga
Rev. Keith Norman, First Baptist Church, Memphis TN
Rev. Kenneth Whalum – The New Olivet Baptist Church, Memphis
Rev. Frank Stevenson – St. Luke Primitive Baptist Church, Nashville
Rev. Harold Love, Jr.- St. Luke A.M.E. Church, Nashville
Rev. Dr. Kenneth Calvert – Shiloh Baptist Church, Kingsport
Rev. Dr. Harold Middlebrook – Canaan Baptist Church of Christ, Knoxville