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Study: Students of Involved Parents Perform Better in School

Press Release from Comptroller Justin Wilson; July 8, 2010:

Report Highlights Importance of Family Engagement in Education

Students perform better in the classroom when their families and their schools forge strong partnerships, according to a new report released today by the Comptroller’s Offices of Research and Education Accountability.

The report, titled “Family Engagement in Education,” notes that while it is difficult to precisely measure the benefits of family involvement on student achievement, studies have suggested there is a positive relationship.

Students with more engaged families tend to attend school more frequently, make better grades and graduate to higher levels of education. Those students are generally more likely to have better behavior and social skills as well.

The report discusses ways parents can become more engaged, including reading to children and helping with their homework, participating in school activities, setting high academic expectations, monitoring their children’s academic performance, working with teachers to address concerns and advising older students with their college or career plans.

The report also documents some of the strategies used by Tennessee schools to reach out to parents. These include sponsoring family activities outside of normal school hours; creating new channels for communicating with parents via newsletters, phone messaging systems, online grade access and other nontraditional media outlets; and opening computer labs to parents as well as students.

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