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Cobb Wants More Time to Review TWRA Commission

Press Release from Rep. Jim Cobb, R-Spring City; May 11, 2011:

Rep. Cobb Sets the Record Straight About the Future of the TWRA Commission

(May 11, 2011, NASHVILLE) – At a meeting of the Government Operations Committee today, Representative Jim Cobb (R—Spring City) announced his plans for the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Commission Reauthorization legislation. Rep. Cobb serves as Chairman of the Committee.

“Right now, I believe it is best to move this legislation until 2012 to give the General Assembly more time to examine the role the Commission plays in the overall function of the TWRA. The fact is, the TWRA Commission has been slow to respond to constituents and answer questions regarding the activities of the agency,” stated Rep. Cobb.

He continued, “This move will have no effect on the agency itself. No one will lose their jobs and I expect the TWRA to continue functioning as normal. I am actually pleased with the good work that is being done by our wildlife officers throughout the State. Unfortunately, the Commission responsible for managing the affairs of the agency has been hard to reach, obstinate in their views, and uncooperative in their actions. That must change.”

Representative Frank Nicely (R—Knoxville), who chairs the House Agriculture Committee, echoed the sentiments by Rep. Cobb and remarked, “The TWRA Commission knows full well we must have their cooperation if we are to move forward proactively discussing the issues facing the resources of Tennessee. I applaud Chairman Cobb for slowing the process down so we have the attention of the Commission. While they will try and paint this as a move against the entire agency, they understand this is about the Commission and their inability to competently carry out their duties.”

Rep. Cobb has authored legislation to extend the TWRA Commission. It may be viewed here.