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Fundraiser for Rep. Elam Co-hosted by Majority of GOP State House Members

Press release from State Representative Linda Elam; May 30, 2012:

MT. JULIET, TN – An overwhelming majority of Republican Tennessee State House members will be co-hosting a fundraiser for State Representative Linda Elam on June 5th, in Mt. Juliet, with Speaker Beth Harwell as Honorary Co-Chair. The event will take place at the home of Mike and Periann Cantrell, 3004 S. Waterford Court, Mt. Juliet and features Republican house members from across the state.

“I am honored to have 58 state legislators in my corner for our kick-off fundraiser, and I am truly humbled by their support and confidence in my service,” Elam said. “It is exciting to have our great Speaker of the House Beth Harwell, Majority Leader Gerald McCormick, and Republican Caucus Chair Debra Maggart serving as the Honorary Co-Chairs,” Elam said.

Republican Majority Leader Gerald McCormick appreciates Elam’s strong conservative voting record and respects her service in the state house. “The folks who work with Linda Elam know her best, and I can tell you she is one of the finest legislators to serve Wilson County I’ve ever known. We need her back.”

Elam believes that her solid conservative voting record is one of the keys to the reason so many of her colleagues support her efforts in returning to the state house. She also believes that there is still more to be done, but is ready for the challenge.

“Tennessee is on the right track when it comes to job creation, tax cuts, and limiting government. But I believe there is much more positive change we can make,” said Elam. “In my first term, I have helped enact a solid conservative agenda to empower our job creators while helping to change government from a hurdle to a resource for the business community. It’s a record of accomplishment I am proud of.”

Elam is a former Mayor of Mt. Juliet and serving her first term as State Representative. A graduate of the University of Tennessee College of Business and Law School with broad experience in the area of commercial real estate, Elam is able to use her knowledge of real-world business issues to benefit District 57 and the entire state as a member of the House of Representatives. Having served on the Board of Directors of many community and charitable organizations, Elam understands the challenges faced by families across the district. Her fellow members of the House of Representatives greatly respect the knowledgeable, experienced, level-headed and professional manner in which Representative Elam works for the betterment of Tennessee.

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Pawlenty: GOP Stands to Gain from Voters’ Deficit Disdain

Presidential politics for 2012 are already being discussed, and Tennessee Sens. Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker came right out and linked Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty to that race at Friday’s Tennessee Republican Party Statesmen’s Dinner.

Pawlenty was the featured speaker at the state party’s big event of the year in Nashville, and Pawlenty delivered an address to about 1,500 people with a message that echoed the same conservative rhetoric sweeping Tennessee.

Alexander introduced Pawlenty as “Minnesota’s Ronald Reagan,” a conservative governor in a liberal state.

“He’s strong on education and cutting spending,” Alexander said. “We’re delighted to have him here.”

Corker told the crowd at the Nashville Convention Center, “My sense is he may think about running for president. Let’s make sure somebody like him or some other outstanding Republican candidate becomes president and changes the direction of this country.”

Pawlenty told the audience that if they doubted what it meant to be a conservative governor of Minnesota, he reminded them that it was the “land of Eugene McCarthy, Hubert Humphrey, Walter Mondale, Paul Wellstone, Jesse Ventura and current Sen. Al Franken.

“You think Massachusetts is liberal? They voted for Reagan twice. Minnesota never did. In one election, 49 states voted for Reagan, and guess which one didn’t?”

His reference was to 1984 when Mondale was the Democratic nominee and lost to Reagan in a landslide, with Mondale carrying only his home state.

Pawlenty spoke of “state-sponsored companies too big to fail, a federal government too big to succeed, federal debt too big to pay off and leaders in the Democratic Party around this nation too small to do anything about it.”

Pawlenty said American common sense has been “steamrolled” by a coalition of big government and certain businesses that scratch each others’ backs.

“We see a country under siege from its own government. Have you had enough?” he asked. “We need to rise up and fight back.”

Pawlenty said the government is operating like a credit card and played on the familiar MasterCard commercial to make his point.

“Stimulus bill $800 billion. Misguided Wall Street bailout $700 billion. Ridiculous health care plan $2.6 trillion. Cap and trade $2,000-plus per family. Republicans getting elected this November priceless,” he said.

Pawlenty told the crowd not to shy away from religious convictions.

“It’s OK. In fact, it’s appropriate to stop and thank and acknowledge God,” he said. “People say it’s politically incorrect, blah blah blah. Hogwash. It’s in the founding documents of this nation. It’s what George Washington believed. It’s what Abraham Lincoln believed.

“We shouldn’t turn away from him now.”

He told a story the audience enjoyed.

“A high-ranking leader, a female leader, came into my office,” he said. “She came in and said her enterprise was in huge trouble. She said the balance sheet was a mess. The employees are overpaid and underperforming. ‘We are up to our ears in debt, nobody is buying what we’re selling,’ she said. She said there are going to be layoffs, and even she could be laid off.

“And I said, ‘But Speaker Pelosi, we don’t do bailouts, but if there’s any consolation, there are going to be big changes come this November.'”

Pawlenty met briefly with members of the media prior to the event, along with Alexander and Corker. He said Tennessee had “a lot of natural beauty” and “wonderful economic potential.”

He said he would very much like to see a Republican governor elected in Tennessee. Pawlenty said he is traveling the country but focused for now on elections in 2010. He said he would make a decision on 2012 early next year.