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Duncan Seeks Transparency in Presidential Library Fundraising

Press release from U.S. Rep. John Duncan, R-Tenn. 02; February 25, 2015:

WASHINGTON – Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr. (R-TN) introduced bipartisan legislation Wednesday to shine light on the closed and secretive process of presidential library fundraising.

The Presidential Library Donation Reform Act of 2015 would require presidential library fundraisers to disclose any donation of more than $200.  Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), Ranking Member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, joined as the lead Democratic co-sponsor of the bill.

“Presidential library fundraising organizations are formed while a president is in office and collect donations from individuals, corporations and foreign governments with no limit on the contribution amount.  When there is no requirement for disclosing the donor or the amounts being donated, there is great potential for abuse,” Duncan said.

“I first introduced this bill in 1999 after learning that foreign governments from the Middle East were making very large donations to the proposed library for President Clinton. However, this is not a partisan issue. I introduced and have supported this legislation under both Democratic and Republican presidents,” Duncan continued.

“The Presidential Library Donation Act is a bipartisan, good government bill that would bring transparency to the process under which presidential libraries are built,” said Ranking Member Cummings. “The bill would require that the identities of those who donate to help construct a president’s library be disclosed.”

In 2013, Sunlight Foundation Policy Director Daniel Schuman endorsed this bill during a hearing on federal government transparency in the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, saying it “would provide valuable information on special interests whose donations put them in close proximity with presidents.”

Swift action on the measure is expected in the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

Rep. Duncan’s presidential library transparency bill passed the U.S. House with large bipartisan majorities in 2002, 2007, and 2009.

Watch Rep. Duncan speak about this bill on the House floor HERE.

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Carr Lags Behind Alexander in Fundraising

The clip at which Rutherford County state Rep. Joe Carr is raising money to try and unseat incumbent U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander in the Tennessee GOP primary next year doesn’t appear to be fast and furious.

Carr told conservative radio host Ralph Bristol his campaign didn’t do nearly as well as incumbent Alexander, who reported raising nearly $1 million in the same three-month period.

“I don’t have an exact figure, but it was a little less than $100,000, I believe,” said Carr, who shifted his campaign from the 4th District House nomination to the U.S. Senate in August.

In fact, Carr’s report this week to the Federal Election Commission indicates he only raised $52,000 in the third quarter. He also posted $285,000 cash on hand, which is an increase from the second quarter.

The Carr campaign justified the low numbers by saying he was more focused on endorsements than fundraising.

“Winning the support of Tennessee grassroots conservatives was our focus these past months – and we hit it out of the park, earning the endorsement of both the Beat Lamar organization and the Coalition for a Constitutional Senate, an informal coalition of 63 Tea Party and Liberty groups. Now were are going to build on that grassroots foundation and turn our focus to fundraising – I’m confident we will have a stellar 4th quarter,” Hillary Pate, Carr’s communications director said Wednesday afternoon.

Alexander reported raising $838,000 in the last three months making his year-to-date fundraising $3.9 million. The incumbent has $2.8 million on hand.

Campaign Fundraising from the House

Jim Tracy is winning the fund-raising race more than a year before he faces incumbent Rep. Scott DesJarlais in the 2014 primary for the GOP nomination for the 4th District in the U.S. House.

Tracy said the numbers prove he has the momentum in the race and enjoys broad support throughout the district that stretches from Rutherford County from Middle to East Tennessee.

“We have great support from inside the district,” Tracy said.

Tracy has taken donations from more than 1,200 individual donors with most coming from inside the contested district. DesJarlais, on the other hand, has taken cash from more out-of-state donors.

In the third quarter Tracy raised $181,721.79. During the three-month period, which ended Sept. 30, DesJarlais, raised $113,249. A state senator from Shelbyville, Tracy has collected $921,649.79 in this election cycle, compared to DesJarlais, who has $273,729.25.

Overall Tracy boasts a four-to-one lead in campaign funds with more than $750,000 on hand. DesJarlais is only holding on to about $170,000.

The only other incumbent with a seemingly viable opponent, Jimmy Duncan, R-Knoxville, raised $67,000 in the third quarter. He has raised $133,205.65 this election cycle and has $1.55 million on in the bank.

His primary challenger, Jason Zachary, reported raising $17,607.43 in the third quarter. He has raised $52,331.36 since announcing his candidacy in September. He has $20,364 in his campaign war chest.

Her are FEC tallies from Tennessee’s other U.S. House incumbents:

  • Phil Roe, R-1st District, raised $144,225 in the third quarter, $253,454 year-to-date and has $446,399.39 on hand
  • Chuck Fleischmann, R-3rd District, raised $95,880, $410,032 year-to-date with $250,222.41 on hand
  • Jim Cooper, D-5th District, raised $56,625, $344,051 year-to-date and has $910,762.31 in the bank
  • Diane Black, R-6th District, raised $127,621.61, year-to-date $552,362.45 and has $699,231.14 in the bank
  • Marsha Blackburn, R-7th District, raised $368,874.74 in the last quarter, $882,022.45 this year and holds $1.67 million in the bank
  • Stephen Fincher, R-8th District, raised $184,441.80 in the third quarter, $825,227.45 for the year and has $2.1 million in his campaign war chest
  • Steve Cohen, R-9th District, raised $59,125 for the quarter, $151,045 for the year and has $837,433.47 on hand.
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Maggart Sets New Fundraising Benchmark

Press Release from Rep. Debra Maggart, R-Hendersonville; Jan. 19, 2012:

Sumner Representative and Chairman of the House GOP Caucus Establishes New Fundraising Standard for Sumner County

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn.– With the release of her financial disclosure report today, Representative Debra Maggart (R-Hendersonville) set a new benchmark for fundraising at the State House level in Sumner County.

Documents made available today reveal Maggart has amassed over $100,000 in her campaign account – more funds than any previous Republican individual who has served Sumner County in the Tennessee House of Representatives. The total comes from both her personal campaign account and her leadership PAC, known as MOMPAC.

“I am humbled by the incredible level of support and trust I have received from our community,” stated Maggart, who also serves as the Chairman of the House Republican Caucus. “Serving the good people of Sumner County has been an honor and I know this scope of financial support is rare for a legislator, especially in tough economic times as these. I am grateful for the trust the voters of Sumner County have shown in my abilities as their Representative.”

As the Chair of the House Republican Caucus, Maggart has played an influential role in leading the state’s Republican Majority in the General Assembly. Under her leadership, the Majority has balanced the State budget and cut over $1 billion dollars in wasteful government spending, all while protecting Tennessee’s status as a no income tax State.

Maggart concluded, “While I am privileged to have received this level of investment, I will not stop fighting for the principles that have made our community strong. I will continue to always put Sumner County first in my legislative priorities. As a Representative, my first job is to always listen and then serve the will of my constituents; that will never change.”

At the conclusion of the most recent financial reporting period, Maggart’s personal campaign account totaled over $96,000. In her PAC, the total stands at $9,533.74. Together, the total equals a record-setting amount for any Republican State House candidate in the 45th District.


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Haslam Raises $8M for Guv Campaign

Press Release from Bill Haslam for Governor; June 15, 2010:

Mayor Has Nearly 11,000 Contributions Representing All 95 Counties

NASHVILLE – On the heels of an internal poll showing Knoxville Mayor and Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Haslam winning the race for the Republican nomination by double digits, Haslam’s campaign announced the mayor has now raised more than $8 million.

Haslam hit the mark after a well-attended fundraiser Monday night at the Nashville home of Stephanie and John Ingram. The two-term mayor has now drawn support to his campaign from a record amount of donors and contributions for a statewide race: nearly 11,000 contributions from more than 7,500 donors with all 95 Tennessee counties represented.

The fundraising total is the newest indication that Mayor Haslam has clear momentum one month before early voting begins, and a recent poll showed Haslam with 37 percent – 13 points more than his closest competitor – in a three-man race.

“We’re organized in every county. We have support in every county, and we’re continuing to grow that support across the state,” said Mark Cate, Campaign Manager. “The state faces many challenges ahead, and Tennesseans are eager to hear Mayor Haslam’s common-sense solutions for job creation, budget management and strengthening education.”

“Mayor Haslam is thankful for the support he has received, and we feel great about our position one month out from early voting,” said Campaign Finance Director Kim Kaegi. “To achieve this kind of success in this political and economic climate cements even further the Mayor’s position as the candidate Tennesseans see as the best qualified to guide the state over the next four years.”

Mayor Haslam is the two-term Republican Mayor of Knoxville, reelected in 2007 with 87 percent of the vote. A hardworking, conservative public servant, Haslam led Knoxville to become one of the top ten metropolitan areas for business and expansion, while reducing the city’s debt, tripling the rainy day fund, reducing the number of city employees to the lowest level in 15 years, and bringing property taxes to the lowest rate in 50 years. An executive leader with a proven record of success, he helped grow his family’s small business from 800 employees into one of Tennessee’s largest companies with 14,000 employees.

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