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Committee Taking Up H1N1 Vaccine Rule

The Joint Government Operations Committee is reviewing a plan today to let paramedics administer H1N1 flu vaccines.

The measure allows emergency medical personnel (pdf) to issue the flu shots at mass vaccinations in an effort to curb spread of the flu while keeping other public health personnel, like doctors and nurses, from getting sick.

The H1N1 rule is one of thirty up for approval before the  committee today.

Rules are not laws. Rather, they dictate how laws are enforced.

The H1N1 rule went into effect in late October, although it still needs to be OK’d by the committee and the General Assembly. Other rules will go into effect in January or as late as March.

Some rules are more routine, such as a rule up for approval today bridging the gap between old and new regulations for assisted care living facilities.

Others are more urgent, according to officials, and require immediate enactment. These rules are effective immediately after filing but will expire after 180 days.

The committee meets today at 10:30 a.m.