Overton Officials Postpone Action On Anti-Nepotism Policy

Overton County commissioners hemmed and hawed over a proposal to prohibit the hiring of family members, but failed to pass it earlier this week, the Overton County News reports.

Among the commissioners’ concerns: whether the anti-nepotism policy had been explained to other elected county officials, how it would be enforced, and whether in a small, rural community the measure was practical.

“Overton County is a small county, and you know, 70 percent of Overton County is related, to some extent,” Commissioner Darwin Clark said during the Monday meeting. “I can see how this could apply to a larger population.”

Commissioner Ben Danner questioned enforcement of the measure: “Who would police it? I mean, are we going to have to look through every single applicant to see if they’re a cousin to somebody that’s in an office. … I don’t understand how we would.”

The proposal would prohibit supervisors from hiring relatives – which would include in-laws and step-children – and would cover the county agencies as well as “any office that receives total or partial funding” from the county, according to the News. The commissioners tabled the measure.


Marshall County Sheriff to Employees: Screw With Me & You’ll Get the Old No. 10 Treatment

Marshall County Sheriff Norman Dalton threatened to fire any employees who criticized him or the department in a memo last month to his staff, The (Columbia) Daily Herald reports this afternoon.

Dalton’s edict came after the Marshall Tribune reported that the sheriff’s daughter’s boyfriend had been promoted from dispatcher to deputy sheriff.

The Daily Herald quotes the Oct. 28 memo:

“Drew Binkley was given the position of deputy sheriff because of his hard work, dedication and years of service … not because he is screwing the sheriff’s daughter. …

“P.S. If you screw with me … I’ll use # 10 on you,” he states referring to a statute in the policy manual.

Dalton, who has since apologized, was elected in August, beating out four other candidates.