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Sen. Barnes Announces Intent to Run for Re-Election for Senate District 22

Press release from State Senator Tim Barnes; April 4, 2012:

CLARKSVILLE – Running on a solid record of common sense and responsible government, State Senator Tim Barnes announced Wednesday that he will seek reelection in the State Senate District 22 race this fall.

“I have appreciated the opportunity to serve the citizens of District 22 for more than three years, and I look forward to working for the chance to continue to serve you,” Barnes said.

Barnes has been one of the Senate’s most effective lawmakers, having routinely worked with members of both parties on initiatives that put people before politics. This year, Barnes sponsored and passed legislation to provide unemployment benefits to trailing military spouses, positioning Tennessee to become just the fourth state in the nation to attain all of the Department of Defense’s desired outcomes regarding military family support.

For his efforts, Barnes was recently honored by the Department of Defense, where he spoke with Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Army Chief of Staff Gen. Raymond T. Odierno at the Pentagon.

“As our troops return home, we must continue to show them our support during their transition from soldier to civilian,” Barnes said. “Our military families sacrifice a lot for our freedoms, and this is just one small way to thank them.”

Barnes has also been active in promoting common sense public safety measures, having authored a carbon-monoxide protection bill that has served as a national model for states to ensure that all rented recreational vehicles have working carbon monoxide detectors.

As a Juvenile Court judge and a father of three, Barnes holds children’s issues close to his heart. He has strengthened state adoption laws to make it easier for parents to welcome children into loving homes, and he has passed legislation to keep pedophiles off school grounds and out of school events. Barnes even went so far as to correct a county school board when they misinterpreted the law, saving parents from the danger of sex offenders having access to their children.

“It is a great honor to represent my neighbors and their families, and it is also a great responsibility that I take seriously,” Barnes said. “District 22 deserves to have a loyal, caring leader who puts others first, and I plan to work as hard as I can to make sure we do.”

Press Releases

AG Opines On Former Clarksville Mayor’s Hiring as CDE Lightband Superintendent

Press Release from Sen. Tim Barnes, D-Adams; March 25, 2011:


NASHVILLE – State Senator Tim Barnes and fellow members of the Montgomery

County Delegation received a supplemental opinion from Attorney General Robert Cooper on Friday regarding former Clarksville mayor Johnny Piper’s hiring as superintendent of CDE Lightband.

The opinion states that the power board may not be legally composed if it was formed under a 1935 state law creating municipal power boards, but it also states that the AG’s office does not have sufficient information to determine if that is the case.

At the time of Piper’s hiring, the CDE Lightband board was composed of seven members – all Piper appointees – who were to serve three-year terms, as laid out in the Clarksville charter. The state law provides for a different composition than the requirements in the Clarksville charter.

The opinion also addressed a request regarding how to bring the board into compliance, should it be found to be improperly composed. The opinion states that neither the 1935 state law nor the charter provides such a remedy.

Cooper earlier opined that the 1935 state law supersedes a Clarksville city law prohibiting elected officials from interviewing for a local department head position for one year after leaving office. Piper accepted the $140,000 superintendent job days before his mayoral term expired on Dec. 31, 2010.

Barnes, State Representatives Curtis Johnson, Joe Pitts, and Phillip Johnson

requested the supplemental AG opinion on behalf of current Clarksville mayor Kim McMillan.