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House Republican Caucus Members on Twitter Fall 2012

Press release from the Tennessee House Republican Caucus; November 9, 2012: 

Active Members

Harwell — @SpeakerHarwell
McCormick — @GeraldMcCormick
Rich — @RepBarrettRich
Powers — @DennisHPowers
Butt – @RepSheilaButt
Evans — @RepEvans
Marsh — @Marsh4TN
Brooks — @RepKBrooks
Weaver — @TerriLynnWeaver
Holt — @andyholtTN
Marsh — @RepPatMarsh
Sexton — @CSexton25
Pody — @MarkPody
Hall — @VoteSteveHall
Sargent — @CSargentTN
McManus — @VoteMcManus
Dean — @VoteVinceDean
Faison — @JerFaison
Womick — @RickWomick
H. Brooks — @RepHarryBrooks
Carr — @JoeCarr48
Swann — @RepArtSwann
M. White — @RepMarkWhite
M. Hill — @HillRep


New Members of the 108th General Assembly 

Lamberth — @WilliamLamberth
T. Hill — @TimothyHill_TN
Goins — @TilmanGoins
Lynn — @SusanMLynn
Calfee — @KentCalfee
D. White — @VoteDawn
Rogers — @LtColRogers
Farmer — @RepAndrewFarmer
Carr — @VoteDaleCarr
Durham — @JeremyRDurham

Press Releases

Williamson Responds to Opponent’s Criticism of ‘Bean Supper Invitation’

Press release from the Charles Williamson Campaign for State House District 50; October 3, 2012:  

Nashville, TN — Charles Williamson, Republican candidate for Tennessee State Representative, has announced a bean supper, complete with entertainment, to be held on Monday, Oct. 8 from 6-8 p.m. at his Goodlettsville ranch.

“I’m inviting the whole district out to the ranch,” Williamson says. “It’s going to be a casual night to put aside partisanship and get to know one another. If my opponent has a problem with that, I wonder how effective he’ll be as a helpful and communicative representative of the people.”

The Baker Road structure, where Williamson previously lived in a comfortable and functional finished area, is the centerpiece of Williamson’s Goodlettsville bison ranch. The residence became an issue when it was discovered that construction permits, which were legally filed more than a decade ago, were never properly closed out.

The Tennessean has reported that, in fact, the barn is legal, however. In a blog posted on October 2nd, writer Michael Cass acknowledges that “the barn does serve a legal purpose as Williamson’s bison ranch and place of business.”

Democrat opponent and Metro Councilman, Bo Mitchell, immediately released a statement criticizing the bean supper invitation, including a loose comparison between Williamson’s challenge with the codes department and people rebuilding after the 2010 flood. In fact, Williamson’s barn was built in the early 2000’s and was not affected by the flood.

Williamson released a statement in response to Mitchell’s criticism:

“It’s a darned shame when an elected official politicizes a catastrophe that was so devastating to my friends and neighbors,” Williamson said. “Somebody needs to explain to my esteemed opponent the law as it’s outlined in two opinions by the state’s Attorney General. He simply does not understand the very laws written by the Democrats; laws that have been on the books for years. Still, he’s welcome to come to the party, but bless his heart, I think he may already be full of beans.”

Press Releases

Williamson Credits Win to Positive Campaign, ‘No Mudslinging’

Statement from the Campaign for Charles Williamson for District 50; August 3, 2012: 

Nashville, TN — Businessman and rancher, Charles Williamson, released a statement tonight after winning the Republican Primary for Tennessee State House, District 50.

“I am honored to have won the primary and I am especially happy for my campaign team,” Williamson. “We’ve worked hard and we have remained focused on the people and issues that matter to the people. Over and over, I heard the message – folks are tired of negative campaigns.”

Williamson promised “no mudslinging” and refused to utilize methods like robo-calling which political insiders consider tried and true.

“This campaign has had two distinct hallmarks,” Williamson says. “We’ve been focused on the people of District 50, and we’ve been committed to positive campaigning. People deserve a representative that listens and is proactive, and no one wants to hear negative, divisive talk that is irrelevant to the race.”

Williamson has been credited as the only candidate in the primary who has created jobs for Tennesseans. He is endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police. He won the recent Davidson County Republican Party Straw Poll with 73% of the vote.

Williamson defeated D.J. Farris and Dave Hall. He faces Metro Councilman Bo Mitchell in the November General Election.

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