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TN Tax Holiday: August 1-3

Press release from the Tennessee Department of Revenue; July 15, 2014:

The Department of Revenue reminds Tennesseans they can buy certain items without paying sales tax August 1 through August 3.

During these three days, Tennessee shoppers can save nearly 10 percent on clothing, school supplies and computers.

“This holiday offers Tennesseans great savings on important back-to-school items, and I encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity,” Gov. Bill Haslam said.

The sales tax holiday begins Friday, August 1 at 12:01 a.m. and ends Sunday, August 3 at 11:59 p.m. During this weekend, consumers will not pay state or local sales tax on clothing, school and art supplies that cost less than $100 per item and computers that cost $1,500 or less.

“We hope Tennessee shoppers will take advantage of the tax relief offered by this year’s sales tax holiday,” Revenue Commissioner Richard Roberts said.

Examples of items that can be bought tax-free during the holiday include:

Clothing: Shirts, dresses, pants, coats, gloves and mittens, hats and caps, hosiery, neckties, belts, sneakers, shoes, uniforms and scarves.

School Supplies: Binders, book bags, calculators, tape, chalk, crayons, erasers, folders, glue, pens, pencils, lunch boxes, notebooks, paper, rulers and scissors.

Art Supplies: Clay and glazes; acrylic, tempera and oil paints; paintbrushes for artwork; sketch and drawing pads; and watercolors.

Computers: Central processing unit (CPU), along with various other components including monitor, keyboard, mouse, cables to connect components and preloaded software. (Note: While the CPU may be purchased separately, other items must be part of a bundled computer package in order to be eligible.) iPads and other tablet computers are eligible for tax exemption, but smart phones and video game consoles are not.

For more information, please visit You can also email the Department of Revenue at or call (800) 342-1003. Staff is available to answer questions Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Time. (Out-of-state and Nashville-area callers, please dial (615) 253-0600.)

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Ramsey: Past Sales Tax Holidays Have Been Successful

Press Release from Lt. Gov. and GOP Candidate for Governor Ron Ramsey; Aug. 2, 2010;

Tax Holiday Set for August 6 – 8

(NASHVILLE) – Local businesses and consumers will get a boost from the “sales tax holiday” set to begin this Friday, August 6 and ending Sunday, August 8 according to Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey, a key supporter of the measure passed by the General Assembly in 2005. The holiday, which has been in effect since 2006, is set by law to take place at 12:01 a.m. on the first Friday in August and ends at 11:59 p.m. on the following Sunday.

“Every year since its implementation, this sales tax holiday weekend continues to be a big boost for retail businesses in Tennessee, proving tax relief is a key factor in stimulating the economy ,” said Lt. Governor Ramsey. “It also provides tax relief for working families, particularly those who are buying back-to-school clothing and supplies.”

Ramsey said the holiday is particularly geared toward back to school needs, but it applies to clothing and many other items, which helps consumers of any age. During the holiday, clothing and school supplies with a price of $100 or less per item, and computers with a price of $1,500 or less per item will be exempt from the state sales and use tax. Clothing includes shirts, dresses, pants, coats, gloves, hats and caps, hosiery, neckties, belts, sneakers, shoes, uniforms and scarves. School supplies include items used by a student in a course of study. It also includes binders, book bags, calculators, tape, chalk, crayons, erasers, folders, glue, pens, pencils, lunch boxes, notebooks, paper, ruler, and scissors.

“I am very pleased that this legislation was approved and has provided tax relief to our citizens, as well as a boost to our economy. I hope many citizens will continue take advantage of this sales tax holiday this year.” Ramsey concluded.

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Flood Relief Tax Break OK’d By Both Houses

Press Release from House Democratic Leader Rep. Gary Odom, D-Nashville; June 8, 2010:

Tax Rebates on Appliances, Building Materials, Furniture Approved by State Legislature

(Nashville) — A proposal to assist the recovery effort for Tennessee flood victims, introduced by House Democratic Leader Gary Odom, was approved by the legislature today.

Under House Bill 228, Tennesseans that qualify for Federal Emergency Management Agency assistance could buy appliances, building materials and furniture tax-free through September.

The measure passed without opposition today in the House after unanimously passing last week in the state Senate.

“We have seen so much devastation to homes throughout Tennessee, and many people remain displaced due to the May floods,” said Odom (D-Nashville). “It’s the least we can do to help our neighbors get back on their feet.”

The measure would have no effect on the budget, Odom said, because the sales tax collected on appliances, furnishings and building materials purchased by flood victims would never have been collected in the first place if not for the recent disaster.

The proposal provides for sales tax rebates on household appliances and furnishings priced at $3,200 per item or less, and building materials priced at $500 per item or less. Each affected household will be eligible for up to $2,500 in tax relief on applicable items. Also, a fine of $25,000 would be imposed on anyone who fraudulently applies for the assistance.

“We’re reminding everyone to save their receipts until the details are finalized,” Odom said. “Applications for these tax rebates will soon be available from the Department of Revenue.”