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E-Balloting System Showed Problems Aug. 2, Activist Says

A new system that checks in voters before they cast ballots had glitches during the recent primary, and the irregularities could have troubling implications if the system is launched statewide, Tennessee Citizen Action’s Mary Mancini said Monday.

Mancini, executive director of the left-leaning public advocacy group, said three elected officials and at least two registered voters in Davidson County were electronically issued Republican ballots by default using electronic poll books during the Aug. 2 primary election. Mancini said the system issued tickets for GOP ballots if the voter was not asked which ballot he or she wanted or poll workers failed to hit the Democratic primary ballot key hard enough.

“It is obviously outrageous that it defaults to any party ballot. It should not default to any ballot, at all,” Mancini said outside the Davidson County Election Commission office Monday.

Citizen Action and the League of Women Voters are asking the state to audit the primary election and the Davidson County Election Commission.

Tennessee Coordinator of Elections Mark Goins is already looking into the irregularities and is recommending against using the electronic poll books in the general election, according to Secretary of State Spokesman Black Fontenay.

Press Releases

Kyle to Host Meeting to Examine ‘Alleged Missing Voter Histories’

Press release from State Sen. Jim Kyle; June 27, 2012:

MEMPHIS – State Senator Jim Kyle is hosting a meeting on Monday, July 2 at the Shelby County Elections Operations Center to examine the recent report of alleged missing voter histories.

“We have heard a lot of talk about some 488 voter histories that have possibly been purged from our voter rolls here in Shelby County,” Kyle said. “I called on the State Election Commission and the State Coordinator of Elections to examine these allegations and report back to our local election commission their findings. I hope this meeting will serve as a venue to bring all parties together so we may have a clearer understanding as to the status of our voter rolls in Shelby County.”

State Election Commissioners Greg Duckett and Jimmy Wallace, along with State Elections Coordinator Mark Goins, will be on hand to give a presentation and have a discussion as the the recent allegations surrounding the voter purge. The Shelby County Election Commissioners along with other city and county officials have also been invited to attend the meeting.