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Alexander: Gallup Poll Shows Americans Want Washington Out of Schools

Press release from the Lamar Alexander Campaign for U.S. Senate; August 21, 2014:

Lamar Alexander’s campaign for re-election today cited a nationwide Gallup poll that shows Americans overwhelmingly agree with him that states and local school boards, not Washington, should decide what is taught in public schools. Alexander said accomplishing that goal would be a priority in a Republican majority.

“Washington just can’t keep its sticky fingers off of our schools, and this Gallup poll shows that Americans share many of the concerns we’ve seen in Tennessee, and that Senate Republicans have been trying to address,” Alexander said. “The Obama administration has been acting like a national school board, making decisions about standards, tests and other issues that should be left to states and local school boards. If Republicans take a Senate majority — and I have the opportunity to serve as chairman of the Senate education committee — we can begin to reverse the trend toward a national school board and get Washington out of our local schools.”

The Gallup poll showed Americans “prefer local school boards over federal government, 56% to 15%.” In 2013 in his role as the lead Republican on the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, Alexander introduced the “Every Child Ready for College or Career Act.”

The legislation — which would let states decide whether schools and teachers are succeeding or failing and remove from Washington decisions about standards, tests, teacher evaluations and other issues — was supported by Republicans on the committee and rejected by Democrats. If Republicans were to win a Republican majority in the U.S. Senate in November, Alexander would be in line to serve as chairman of the HELP committee.

Press Releases

Alexander Thanks Voters for Nominating a ‘Get-it-Done Senator’

Statement from the Campaign for Lamar Alexander for U.S. Senate; August 7, 2014:

NASHVILLE – Lamar Alexander today released the following statement after winning the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in the Tennessee Republican primary:

“In one of the largest Republican primaries in a conservative state, Tennesseans have nominated a get-it-done governor and a get-it-done senator. Both Gov. Haslam and I are conservatives. We both know how to give a pretty good conservative speech. But we also both know that our job is not over when the speech is finished. It is really just starting.

“Our job is to sit down, roll up our sleeves, work with other people and get it done — get a result. That kind of leadership is why Tennessee has attracted auto jobs, leads the nation in improving academic performance and has the lowest debt in the country.

“The absence of that kind of leadership is why Washington makes it harder to find a job, has created a health care law that is an historic mistake, has debt running out of control and has made a mess of our immigration policy.

“If we want to change Obamacare or fix the debt or reverse the trend toward a national school board we are going to have to do more than make a speech. We are going to have to pass something in the Congress, and we need senators who know how and are willing to work with other people to do that.

“I thank the voters, my family, my campaign staff and all who contributed and worked together for the last two years to make this campaign so successful.

“I go to work every day counting it a great privilege to represent the people of Tennessee in the United States Senate. Some say we have bigger challenges today than we have ever had. I don’t believe that. Our country is as strong as ever and we have had bigger problems in our past.

“What we have in Washington is an absence of get-it-done leadership. I congratulate the other candidates who competed in our primary and invite those who supported them to join us. I also invite Democrats and Independents to join us.

“Our country has serious problems. If we want to make it easier to find a job and less expensive to buy health care, if we want to regain control of the federal debt and our borders and our local schools, it will take all of us working together to get it done. I am grateful for the opportunity you have given me to do that.”

The Alexander campaign is chaired by Congressman Jimmy Duncan, with co-chairmen Governor Bill Haslam, U.S. Senator Bob Corker, Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, Speaker Beth Harwell, as well as Congressmen Blackburn, Roe, Black, Fincher, and Fleischmann.

The campaign’s Honorary Co-Chairmen include former U.S. Senators Howard Baker (1925-2014), Bill Brock, Bill Frist and Fred Thompson, as well as former Governors Winfield Dunn and Don Sundquist.

Serving as Honorary Co-Chairs of the Statewide Committee to Elect Lamar Alexander are all 13 living former state Republican Party chairs.

Press Releases

TN Senate GOP Letter to President: Quit Trying to ‘Intimidate Opponents of Obamacare’

Letter from the Tennessee Senate Republican Caucus; October 8, 2013:

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Mr. President,

We write to you to express extreme displeasure in how you are overseeing the budget impasse in Congress known as the “government shutdown.”

Ostensibly, a government shutdown would revolve around saving taxpayer funds. That is not the case in this instance. In fact, your administration seems to be going to great lengths and sparing no expense to sell your particular shutdown narrative.

While the media eagerly accepts this narrative, we in public service know the truth. The IRS is still collecting taxes and the NSA is still compiling metadata. Vital services are still available and essential employees are still getting paid.

There is no government shutdown, merely a slowdown. What’s worse is that public displays of this so-called shutdown appear to be packaged for mass media consumption. Your administration seems to be in the business of selling this “shutdown” as a creation of House Republicans when it is in truth a maneuver by Senate Democrats to save the implementation of your administration’s legislative showpiece.

Witness the barricading of the World War II Memorial in Washington. This is a memorial that, while usually staffed during business hours, is open to the public 24 hours a day. The public “closing” of this memorial and keeping veterans off the grounds by threat of force was a farce. The closing of the D-Day Memorial and 24 other memorials overseas just adds insult to injury.

Tennesseans are well aware of this tactic. Over ten years ago when our state faced a budget crisis, state parks in key legislative districts were closed. This was a last ditch effort by liberals to scare Tennesseans into supporting higher taxes. The Obama administration has similarly shut down federal parks in Tennessee, in some cases blocking roads children need to take to school. This tactic was transparent then and it is transparent now.

Just like the old tax and spenders in Tennessee, the Obama administration hopes to intimidate opponents of Obamacare into capitulating and selling out their constituents – constituents who want the Affordable Care Act repealed and replaced.

Your administration wants us to believe we cannot reduce the budget and we must continue down the path of increasing our debt. Yet the Senate has not passed a budget in over four years and our debt as a percentage of GDP sits at nearly 73%.

We know that the people of Tennessee see through this blatant attempt to manipulate public perception. We hope the rest of the nation sees this “shutdown” not as the folly of Republican intransigence but for what it truly is: a face-saving measure by a President to ram through the implementation of unworkable legislation.


The Tennessee Senate Republican Caucus