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Ramsey Names Woodson Co-Chair Of Lottery Stabilization Task Force

Press Release from Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, March 30, 2010:

(Nashville) – Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey (R-Blountville) today named Speaker Pro Tempore Jamie Woodson (R-Knoxville) Co-Chairman of the recently announced Lottery Stabilization Task Force. The task force will make recommendations to keep the scholarship program viable over time. Its initial focus will be to limit the use of lottery reserves and ensure the scholarships are there for students who earn them.

“Speaker Pro Tem Woodson has devoted her legislative career to improving the quality of education and access to education in Tennessee,” said Lt. Governor Ramsey (R-Blountville). “Her work on lottery scholarships, BEP 2.0 and the Race to the Top reforms make her the perfect Co-Chairman for the Lottery Stabilization Task Force.”

The Hope Scholarship is funded through lottery revenues and helps thousands of kids pay for college. Demand for scholarships has increased in recent years while lottery revenues have not kept pace. The state is using reserves to fill the hole now, which is expected to be more than $100 million in three years. The stabilization task force will look for ways to keep the program strong.

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